Relax & harmony

Harmony SPA

Everyday life is full of stress and tension. If you have trouble sleeping, tired skin or burning muscles and joints, then maybe you should consider taking a couple of days off. These are the classic symptoms of your body running out of energy and harmony.
At Villa Barbara, we allow our guests to detach from their everyday problems and take time to rest, relax and compose themselves, far from the problems of everyday life. Our offer consists of five relaxation themes, designed in harmony with five personality types.

SPA treatments

SPA treatments restore vitality and joy. Everyone can find a theme perfectly suitable for his individual needs.

Time to relax

The 5 themes of relaxation are composed of the following elements:

  • steam bath with arnica, hay and juniper mixed together strengthens the health of our guest, while a mixture of grapevine, chamomile and apple revives them and makes them feel young again.
  • practicing concentration and deep relaxation
  • our unique Wellage treatment combines the natural active essences of mountain herbs and clays, together with the recent developments of nanotechnology, taking special care of your face and body.
  • consists of Vitalstone - the relaxing warmth of the massage stones, the unique massage Healthy Back, Alpine Massages and last but not least Sulfurea – the special massage with sulfur.
  • take your time during the warm ritual with mountain pine and fruits in sauna, and then enjoy the monsoon rain sensation and the alpine breeze that follows.
Wellness Philosophy

SPA means comfort, elegance and space in perfectly balanced proportions.

The décor of the Villa is elegantly arranged interiors representing various styles.