Willa Barbara Lądek Zdrój


Villa Barbara is filled with the atmosphere of hospitality and vitality, in which one can recover, relax and find his true self.


Villa Barbara was built in 1906, in the heart of Lądek Zdrój (german: Bad Landeck), one of the oldest Spa health resorts in Europe, situated in the south-west of Poland in Klodzko Valley, at the feet of Zlote Mountains. Rich was the history of the residence, before it was finally bought by its current patrons and protectors in 2006. After two years of careful and thorough refurbishment, conducted  in harmony with history and tradition, it was opened once again. Today it houses one of the best spas in Poland.

The sanatorium was once a resting place of choice for tsars and kings and the guest are more than welcome to expect a really royal conditions.

Boutique style

We would like to invite our future guest for skiing and pleasant relaxation in winter, rejuvenation and wellness experience in spring, hiking and a Nordic walking weeks in summer and wine-tasting together with yoga weeks in fall.

But first of all, our Villa is a place where one can always find peace, free from the trouble of everyday life.

Projection Room

The smallest cinema in Poland (9 places).


Our unique Library is constantly meeting our guests expectations, changing in accordance to the time of day, week. Here you can forget about everyday life while having a champagne cocktail and delving into your favourite lecture, but also get to know the secrets of brewing tea (including the famous Lapsang) during the tea ritual.

The secrets of Cuban cigars, the distinctive aroma of the pipe and the unreal memories of prohibition times – these are some of the stories we tell our guests during our occasional presentations. Coupled with a virtual bar together with a carousel of liqueurs, exclusive spirits and excellent wines they complete the pleasure of staying at our Villa.

Decanter & Wine

Decanter is a small room for eight people, an ideal place for meeting with friends, family or business associates. The wine is the host, and it is the most hospitable drink in the world.

Our wines ideally express our hospitality. We offer over 30 types of precisely selected wines tasting of nature, love and luxury, from all around the world. They wait for our guests and the Decanter, and at least once a weak wine tasting is held there.
In the warm atmosphere of the Decanter every meeting with friends has more colour. The mind is bright, the thoughts are clear and the heart is calm.

from 550 zł / night
from 580 zł / night
from 800 zł / night
from 550 zł / night