Nature & sport

Health Resort

Ladek Zdrój is one of the oldest health resorts in Poland – it was known for its waters and climate in 15th century.
There are 7 springs in Ladek Zdroj and the temperature of water (from 17,5 to 43,9) and the chemical composition varies. Our guests also benefit from the healthy waters of Ladek Zdroj.

The most famous health facility of Ladek Zdroj is “Wojciech”. It is a very distinguishable building, complete with neo baroque decorations and marble water basins. The building houses an unique Turkish-styled round pool filled with thermal waters.


The surroundings of Villa offer various attractions, which will certainly make your stay even more pleasant. We especially recommend:

  • The Śnieżnik Massif - and the Czarna Góra Ski Resort placed in it
  • Javornik - located behind the Czech border
  • Kletno - with one of the deepest caves in the area
  • Złoty Stok - with a gold mine.
Skiing, skiing...

Ladek Zdroj during the winter is one of the busiest skiing destinations in western Poland! There are many attractive places for those who love skiing and snowboarding:

Ski lift, right next to us
is the first place to visit. You can go there in your skiing shoes. Our skiing instructor is also available there. There is a rental facility on the spot and the lift is equipped with artificial snowing.
Czarna Góra Skiing Resort is situated in Sienna, with the longest chair lift spreading a massive 1367 m and operating for the whole year. The resort offers 8 more lifts and a special skiing glade for children. There are over 8 km of ski tracks.
Kamienica ski station offers 5 lifts that are in total more than 1500 m long.

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is one of the most natural sport activities, and requires nothing more than sportswear, comfortable shoes and enthusiasm. We provide our guests with the necessary equipment (free of charge), training and advice. There is also a selection of Nordic walking routes of various difficulties in the area.

The advantages of Nordic Walking:

  • Can be practiced everywhere
  • Suitable for every age group
  • Very quick to learn
  • Suitable for recovery from injuries and illnesses
  • Keeps the body fit and healthy
  • Helps maintaining balance
  • Burns fat!

The area surrounding Ladek Zdroj is full of attractions and places worth visiting during walking or cycling tours:

  • The ruins of the Karpien castle and a small church of Mother Mary of The Lost, only 2 hours walking distance
  • The Radochowska Cave, only 1,5 hour walking (the biggest cave of the region, with over 250 m of underground passages) and calvary on Cierniak mountain, that sits on top of 214 stone steps from the 19th century
  • More than 10 m tall cross on the slope of Igliczna mountain
  • The Stone Gate, The Stone Wall, The Three Towers and the Trojan – picturesque rock formations on top of the Trojak mountain, offering marvelous view of the area
  • The rocks of Trojak and the rocks of Stolowe Skaly offer many climbing routes, both traditional and sport. More than 130 bolts were placed in 1996, making them suitable for both beginners and advanced climbers.
  • 7 walking routes and 8 biking routes